OKGO launches Numrush

Yesterday we’ve launched a new website that’s all about the future of (big) data: Numrush. Over the past few years we’ve noticed products and services like Foodzy, Facebook, Fitbit and many many others are generating and collecting tons of data. Some of these companies are social media, others are gadgets, devices, governments, organizations, games or services. No matter how the data is collected: We think all of this will have a massive impact on the way we live, consume and use certain products.

This is what inspired us to start writing about all news and trends related to (big) data. Although the media are still an innovation leader when it comes to using andĀ visualizingĀ (big) data, we believe we’ll soon see many new products and developments in other fields like healthcare, exercise & sports, work, mind, lifestyle & education, location, energy, politics, climate and society.

All of this will be covered on Numrush from now on, so make sure to follow the site on Facebook and Twitter. Although the first release of the site is in Dutch, we aim to launch our english version of the blog later this fall.